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Auntie's Nautical Quilts

Updated February 3, 2007

The Nautical Quilt is now available in an EQ5 project file. The Lighthouse block is now available in PDF format at the bottom of the page.

The Electric Quilt project file for all of these quilts can be downloaded by clicking here.

The blocks are available on succeeding pages, one at a time.

Lighthouse Block
Schooner Block
Lighthouse Boat Block
Pin Wheels Block
Whirlwind Block
Wild Goose Chase Block

Nautical Wall Quilt
Auntie's Nautical Wall Quilt

Excellent in a bathroom or entryway, this simple quilt is made up of three blocks -- the Lighthouse, the Pin Wheel, and Lighthouse Boat.

You can paper piece these three blocks, but sorry, no layout directions available.

The cool thing about THIS quilt is that it consists of a single, very simple block.

It gets it's "look" from the fabric and the triangle border. The Whirlwind block is easier than it looks. You just make two triangles out of the little one and sew them together to get a square.

Nautical Whirlwind Quilt
Auntie's Nautical Whirlwind Quilt

Whirling Boats Quilt
Auntie's Whirling Boats Quilt

The triangles on the border of this one sort of remind me of waves. You could also do one of those folded triangle borders that is sometimes called a sawtooth border. You'll need the Whirlwind block and the Lighthouse Boat block.

The only real difference between Windy Sails and Smooth Sailing is that I used different borders and sashing! You'll need the Whirlwind block and the Lighthouse Boat block. for both. Amazing, huh?

Windy Sails
Auntie's Windy Sails Quilt

Smooth Sailing
Auntie's Smooth Sailing Quilt

If you look closely, you can see that this quilt has two blocks with different color values to give it the pattern. I played with the triangle border, but I think it really looks nice with a straight up 1 inch border. You'll need the Wild Goose Chase block.

Wind Chase
Auntie's Wind Chase Quilt

Block Menu

Don't have Electric Quilt? You can use the block right here!

Use your right mouse button to save the drawing of the block to your computer, then print it.

Enlarge the block to the size you want, then use template plastic to trace it.

Cut out the template pieces and draw them on the wrong side of your fabric with a light pencil.

Make sure you leave enough space around each piece for seam allowance!

You can then machine sew the pieces together, or you can hand stitch them, using the pencil lines to make sure your seams are all lined up right.

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You can also downlight the Lighthouse Block pattern in PDF format by clicking here.

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